Animals kill their young .. strange phenomenon, what are the causes?

The vast majority of people see animals in particular, from a perspective of great empathy and love, especially as their own videos spread on social networking sites, with scenes of animal fulfillment for humans and for each other. But are there any strange situations that occur between these animals that spoil that wonderful picture in the eyes of its lovers?

Several researchers have argued that sometimes mothers of some animals do something very cruel, without a specific explanation, that they prey on their young, which is very ambiguous, and at the same time an explicit blow to the romantic scenes among the animals, which we see sites Social networking a lot.

“This is the bad side of nature, which many people do not even like to imagine,” said Douglas Moeck, a professor of biology at the University of Oklahoma who wrote a book about it.

Various reasons
The researchers differed about the causes of these strange things. Some suggest that killing children appears in animal culture as something that increases the attractiveness of the perpetrators towards their potential partners, which is soon to a slight degree between blacks and each other. To the forest after killing him, to become the mother of the killers who are killed, it is permissible to marry him.

While some research confirms that this process occurs to satisfy energy and food needs, as the mother to kill her young weaker to get the strength and energy necessary to take care of other young people.

Some studies also say that the killing of animals for young people is sometimes due to the delayed maturity of children or their illness, while some tend to believe the months is that mothers sometimes take the eggs of young people to protect them from any threat surrounding them, which is also commonplace.

Probability of disease
“We think it could be a disease that makes an animal get rid of its ugly image,” says Professor Douglas Moeck, who is a professor at Harvard University. “But this belief remains untrustworthy so far, .

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