Appearance of white hair.. Causes and methods of treatment

It is usual for hair to begin to acquire white or grey colors, with one’s age, but the early occurrence of it has many different causes, which we disclose and the chances of its treatment now.

Genetic factors
There are many reasons why a man in the prime of his youth suffers from the appearance of white or gray in his hair, as the genetic factors come to the top of the list of those causes, where it is noted that fathers and grandparents have acquired the gray hair since childhood, so it went genetically to the son, which is a reason we can face only by Hair dye.

Psychological causes
The second reason, which requires medical intervention to treat the crisis at its roots, is the constant feeling of tension and anxiety, which not only earns the hair white color early, but also negatively affects his sleep and raises his blood pressure and reduces or increases the appetite for food dramatically, alerting to the need to visit a doctor Diffe R, it would solve those crises combined, by treating anxiety and stress, but without a clear indication of the ability of the treatment to restore natural color again to normal hair.

thyroid disorder
Suffering from this crisis leads to several hormone disorders, the first results in the form of the disappearance of the natural color of hair and its conversion to white, against the backdrop of sagging body secretions of the pigment known as melanin, but it should be noted in that case that the hair return to color Normal is possible, if the disorder is treated properly.

Autoimmune diseases
These diseases, which are caused by the inability of the immune system to recognize the organs of his own body, begin to harm them as strange objects, which sometimes affects the hair, and it invalidates the work of dyed, what earns white color, which makes it difficult to return to his pre-custody with treatment in that case.

Vitamin B12 deficiency
Early hair gain for a noticeable white color indicates that the body is likely to suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, which is responsible for giving energy to the body, strengthening its hair, and maintaining its natural color, which indicates the importance of taking vitamin supplements to remedy the effects of deficiency, and then The chances of re-restoring the natural color of the hair emerge again.

Some scientific studies have revealed a correlation between the bad habit of smoking, and the conversion of hair to white or gray, before the age of 30, which is a disturbing symptom of several disturbing symptoms, infected with the habit, it is recommended to quit quickly, even if it does not later to return the color of the original hair once Other.

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