Apple announces expansion of its headquarters in the United States and construction of a complex in Austin at a cost of $1 billion

Apple announced today that it will expand its headquarters and buildings in the United States of America, as it will build a new complex in North Austin and will open offices in Seattle, San Diego and Los Angeles to enhance its operational strength in the country.

According to the company, the compound or campus to be built in Austin will cost $1 billion, but it noted that it will provide about 5,000 jobs in principle, with the possibility of adding another 10,000 jobs later, in an area of about 133 acres. But as with large factories and companies, not all the space is built, as 50 acres will form the yards between and around the buildings, and the large area of renewable natural energy generation will be exploited to reduce pollution as it did with its other headquarters.

The company explained that Austin will become the largest private-labor city, especially since it owns 6,200 former employees in the city, the second largest number of employees in the company after the headquarters in Cupertino.

For other places, Apple has talked about boosting its 1,000 employees at its headquarters in Seattle, San Diego, and Los Angeles, as well as adding hundreds of employees in Pittsburgh, New York, Boulder, Boston, Portland, and Oregon.

In the same vein, the company confirmed the addition of 6,000 staff to its crew in the United States this year, bringing the number of employees in the country to 90,000, and hopes to increase the number of employees until 2023 by 20,000 employees.

Apple may have relied on overseas employment by manufacturing and developing most of its products in other countries, but the decisions made by US President Donald Trump and the imposition of more taxes have made the company work to expand its work inside to avoid further complications.

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