Apple may abandon ITunes next week

Almost 20 years after its launch, Apple plans to abandon its famous ITunes program after a developers conference that will be held within days.

Over the past years, such rumors have always appeared where the company intends to separate its sections in the form of discrete applications such as films, music and podcasts, so after closing it is expected to convey many of the features related to the audio clips to the Apple Music application.

When itunes launched the latest revolution in its field, not only in terms of its design, but also its ease of use, especially in synchronizing music. But today, there are competing third-party applications like Spotify that allow you to sync without using an Apple account.

As the devices evolve and become more independent, as phones no longer need computers to run through programs such as itunes, the app is a heavy burden. So if Apple decides to close the itunes app, it will definitely provide the appropriate technical tools to abandon it, withdraw files, and synchronize.

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