Apple plans to launch its paid news service on March 25

Apple is planning to launch its paid news service on March 25 in a special event that will focus on Apple’s services sector, including the new service.

At the next conference there will be no devices of course, but only advertising services including news via paid subscriptions and may give us apple a glimpse of its television and video service also paid.

The new Apple service pays one subscription fee for unlimited access to news and magazines, and software manuals appeared in the IOS 12.2 pilot version indicating the proximity of the service’s launch by payment.

It is an interesting news that Apple will deduct 50% of the contribution revenue levied by the media and newspapers, so that they are likely to increase their prices by 20% to compensate for the difference that will be lost from their profits and go to Apple.

It is not specified after the monthly subscription fee, but some sources indicate that it will be $10 per month.

Over the past few years, Apple’s revenues from the services sector have started to increase and become a fairly high percentage of total revenue, especially when compared to hardware sales, and this additional payment in a new service is undoubtedly going to increase the company’s revenue more especially in the next quarter.

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