Apple plans to self develop fifth-generation modem for its own devices

Apple Talking about the development of fifth-generation modem by itself is not new, but now became more serious in this regard after the head of the processors sector Johny Srouji an internal development team working on the development of the fifth generation Telecom chip.

The choice of Apple for this particular engineer did not come about vain, since he joined the company 11 years ago as vice president of gear techniques, and worked on the development of the A4 chip which is the first type SoC processing chip any multiple slices and processors on one chip.

Over time, he has been responsible for developing several processing segments of different categories and purposes such as categories A, M, S, T and soon will be joined by a fifth generation modem chip.

Mobile data communication is very important in today’s smartphones, and Apple wants to be controlled away from the mercy of companies like Qualcomm or Intel.

Currently Apple buys from Qualcomm and Intel the modem of its devices and designs its antenna in a way that suits the design of each device from the clock to the ipad.

While Qualcomm’s modems outperform Intel on the design side, the Apple war with Qualcomm has made them abandon them in favor of Intel, but the fifth-generation modems are more complex than the fourth generation where they release higher heat and consume a larger battery and need more space to put them within the phone, all these factors pushed Apple to Developed by itself.

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