Apple to unveil IPhone XI with three rear cameras in September 2019

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has already started working on new iphones for the current year 2019, with the company providing 3 telephones in September as usual.

According to the report, the three iphone phones will come from two OLED screen with some details that came as follows:

IPhone XI Max Of course will be the owner of the largest OLED screen and the biggest battery and will feature three rear cameras.

IPhone XI The second phone with the same MAX specifications but the OLED screen is smaller and will carry two double cameras from behind.

The phone XR 2019 will be the least in specs and price with the LCD screen but it is good to carry two cameras back this time and of course it will be in multiple colors.

The report indicates that the name is still a mystery as Apple is expected to return to use the numbers and become the name for iphone 11 or possibly continue on iphone XI.

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