Apple wants to launch the first iPhone with 5G in 2020

Smartphone manufacturers are competing to launch their 5G devices with the beginning of next year 2019, as Samsung and Huawei have confirmed the release of the folding phone with the same technology, and other phone development reports from the two companies, while Wen Plus and Xiaomi have confirmed the release of new versions of their phones Recently released with the fifth generation technology at the beginning of the year.

Despite all the assurances from the telephone companies to provide technology by the beginning of next year, we have not heard any news about Apple’s quest to launch the new technology soon, but according to a report from the Fast Company Apple will be launching its first mobile phones in the fifth generation communication capability in 2020.

The report added that the company will use an Intel 8161 3.5 modem but there is some delay to test the modem, making the company put MediaTek as an alternative option in case it does not reach what you want with Intel.

Apple had obtained the approval of the Federal Communications Authority to develop and test the fifth-generation technology more than a year ago, but apparently the test period will be lengthened until September or October 2020 the expected date for the launch of iphone devices.

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