Are bras really bad to your health?

Women need to give up wearing bras permanently because they have potential negative effects on women’s health, researchers say.

Sitan Rankin, a specialist in mammalology, stressed the need for women to go to sleep with a bra, because they put constant pressure on the lymph nodes in the woman’s body. “Even a tight bra can prevent the lymphatic fluid from circulating freely, leading to edema and chronic inflammation,” says Rankin. Rankin advises women not to wear bras at home, which will relieve pressure on lymph nodes.

The results of the experiments by Jean Dini Royon, which included the case of 300 women aged 18-35 years, also showed that the bras were damaged and could not maintain the breast shape as believed.

“The bra limits the ability of the breast to develop muscle tissue that is naturally shaped,” says Jean-Deney Royon.

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