Artificial gills enable humans to breathe underwater

The dream of underwater breathing is no longer just a luxury. After the warnings have raised the prospect of a future rise in the water level, scientists must find solutions to disasters that might surprise some parts of the world if they are flooded.

John Kamay of the Royal College of Art in London has succeeded in finding a genius solution to such catastrophic scenarios. He has designed artificial gills that allow humans to breathe underwater, as fish do, according to Focus.

Kamai launched his invention, the name AMPHIBIO, which is much like a mask or muzzle, and turns man into an organism that can coexist naturally in the marine environment. These industrial gills are lighter than the conventional diving mask.

The industrial gills are to be manufactured using three-dimensional printing techniques, to be made from a special porous material that allows the extraction of oxygen from water and the release of carbon dioxide, that is, it plays the same role as gills in fish.

Kamai inspired the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcultivating some marine insects that form a thin bubble around their bodies with a thin layer of hair that has something resembling an underwater chamber.

Laboratory experiments are continuing to verify the effectiveness of the design provided by the researcher Kamai in preparation for the start of manufacturing and making available to consumers.

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