Artificial intelligence explains to new parents the causes of infant crying

Most new parents face frustration when it comes to trying to find out why their children are crying, if it is because of hunger, moisture, mood or pain.

To solve this problem, scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can think of the children’s cries, and this system, developed by a team from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the China Automation Association, may be an absolute change tool for parents at home, as well as for health-care facilities.

Although each child’s cry is unique, it shares some common features that researchers used when training industrial intelligence.

Dr. Lichuan Liu, author of the study, said, “Like a special language, there is a lot of health-related information in the sounds of various cries, and these differences between acoustic signals actually carry several information. These differences are represented by different features of the cry signs “.

Scientists have designed a new algorithm that can distinguish the meanings of all signals, a natural another group or natural cry, even in noisy environments.

The algorithm works on various children, which means that it can be used not only by parents, but also by physicians to understand the meanings of crying and screaming sick children.

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