Audi reveals its first electric car e-tron

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Audi has unveiled its first electric car e-tron and comes just days after the Mercedes revealed its first car as well. The German company said that its new car is designed to compete with both the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQC has not set a date for launch yet.

From the outside, the traditional Audi looks like the headlights, the large front grille with the company’s sign, and the air entrances on the front corners. However, the e-tron features the rest of the Audi’s fleet with connected lamps, as is the case with the A8 and A7 The new car, the length of the car is 192 inches while the width of 76 inches and finally the height of up to 65 inches.

The interior technology of the car varies from a huge 10.1-inch touch screen to entertainment system and another 8.6-inch screen, especially to the cooling system, and Audi has been able to reduce the number of buttons to the maximum level by relying entirely on the two screens to finish all related functions and functions such as car charging characteristics, Maps, telephone conversations and information system. It also added to the e-tron entertainment system a voice command system.

The new Crossover will carry two electric motors alongside a 95 kW / h lithium battery and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km / h while the range of the vehicle will be one electric charge to 402 km.

The new system offers optimal friction power and can redistribute torque between wheels in less than a second, which enhances the capabilities of the anti-slip system. Audi has developed a new charging system for its e-tron, which can be shipped 80% in just 30 minutes, where The car battery is capable of absorbing up to 150 kWh / s, Audi said. The new thermal management system converts thermal energy from external weather to electric power and supplies several things in the car such as air conditioning and seat heating system. Of the range of the car by about 10%.

Audi said that the second quarter of 2019 will see the launch of the e-tron and will include the core category all the technical characteristics announced by the company during the launch ceremony, but there will be some additions in the top category of the car, such as the front screen HUD, and a package of driver auxiliary driving systems in addition to junctions Size 21 inches. The first three categories are expected to be priced at $ 74,800, then Prestige at $ 81,800 and finally the top-tier category at $ 86,700.

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