Audi wants to revive Horch’s name to rival Mercedes Maybach

Mercedes’ Maybach division dedicated to the production of luxury cars such as the S-Class Maybach, and it seems that Audi wants to go through the same experience with the revival of the name Horch to produce A8 super luxury according to Automotive News.

According to the source, the luxury A8 Horch will feature many additional interior items, such as the luxury brand logo and a new steering wheel. The twin-turbo V12 will add a higher performance, and Audi will not produce it on a longer wheelbase than Mercedes does with Maybach.

The Horch brand began in 1904 and was dedicated to the production of luxury cars then, but in 1932 it was closed after being merged into the Union Union, which includes Audi, DKW and Wanderer, all owned by Audi today.

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