BBC and discovery sign a 10-year partnership to launch a content broadcast service


BBC, announced its signature of a US$390 million partnership contract for 10 years with the Discovery Network to launch a monthly subscription content service like Netflix and Hulu, but the service provided by the British Commission and the Discovery Network will be limited to Natural history programs and realistic programs.

The service will be launched for users in 2020 and will be affiliated to the Discovery Network and will be available all over the world. The monthly subscription to this service is expected to be less than $5 and will therefore be a great opportunity for fans of programs that talk about natural life and realistic programs.

It can be said that this service means the emergence of the BBC chains such as Blue Planet and Planet Earth and the wonderful dynasties on the Content Broadcasting service and may be exclusively also, and the BBC is expected to launch new programs similar and high level, especially as it is considered a pioneer in this field since years T long.

Programs such as MythBusters, unsolved History and Shark Week produced by discovery will undoubtedly be present side by side in the service.

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