Benefits of walking on the beach sands

Many people consider the beach to be a haven for rest and relaxation, with its golden sand and blue water, many opportunities for enjoyment, as well as many memories that we see before our eyes as soon as we reach it. But did you know that unlike all this, sand has several positive effects on your health?

Indeed, several recent medical studies have confirmed that electrons coming from the sand to the feet, benefit health in various forms.

Where sand works to make positive adjustments to the activity of brain electricity, and helps to improve the delivery of heat to the skin, and regulate the rate of heart palpitations in a wonderful way, in addition to the secretion of glucose at a balanced rate.

It also strengthens the immune system of the body, and increases the amounts of antioxidants, and reduce inflammation.

On the psychological level, walking on the sand reduces the degree of anxiety and tension, and improves sleep.

Benefits of walking bare feet

Walking barefoot on the sand leads to several benefits, especially for women, especially women who suffer from varicose veins. In general, the two-foot walk improves blood circulation significantly.

It is also very important to know that walking barefoot is able to improve and develop from the surface of red blood cells, where this health development reduces the chances of getting blood viscosity, which is one of the most dangerous to all those suffering from heart disease.

A number of other medical studies have indicated that walking with two feet, which works to control the nervous system, as well as the endocrine system of the body.

All this along with walking on the sand beach has other important benefits, specifically within the water, even a short distance, when touching the area of ​​the thighs. This sandy land, with water, forces you to walk with great strides, which strengthens the lower area of ​​the body, especially the feet and the buttocks, as well as the gentle water that acts as a massage for the soles of the feet and ankles.

It is clear that our enjoyment of sandy beaches and the sea was not just for fun, but for great benefits that may not be met in the best modern medicine.

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