Benefits you do not know about eggshells and how you enter them in your diet?

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Eating eggs is one of the most common things that many people around the world share in the morning. Eggs have many benefits and provide the body with the nutrients they need to start the day. eggs contain a high percentage of calcium and protein, but have you ever heard that eggshells are also edible, and the benefits of it improves your health?

Studies conducted by a group of nutrition experts said that the eggshells contain a high proportion of calcium carbonate up to 95 percent, equivalent to 2 grams of calcium in the shell of one egg.

The American Food Industry Organization disposes of 150 tons of eggshells annually, and nutritionists and specialists confirm that eggs are subjected to boiling during cooking for 10 to 15 minutes, disinfects at a temperature of 93 ° C, disinfects the potential bacteria and kills germs that can multiply on the crusts, It can be well grinned into a fine powder that can be used safely.

Eggshell powder can be used to prepare pastries such as pizzas and pies and also to prepare pasta. However, it is important to note that the increase in body calcium is not healthy, so there should not be too much egg shell powder in food. Calcium every day.

The use of eggshells in food is useful for pregnant women, people suffering from osteoporosis, or premature babies.

The eggshell powder also contains materials that help repair damage to tooth enamel. It increases tooth stiffness by mixing it with glycerin solution. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, egg husk powder was mixed with glycerol and coating after the extracted teeth to be damaged in this mixture, The results showed an increase in the external enamel layer of teeth and hardness in the same, and in the same study found that the levels of calcium found in egg shells contain less toxic substances than other sources of calcium.

After knowing these benefits .. would you eat eggshells?

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