Bentley unveils Pentasia speed, the world’s fastest SUV

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Bentley officially unveiled its Pentasia speed car, a performance class of the powerful luxury SUV.

External to the Pentega speed came with an identity and a design that distinguishes it from the standard category, lamps and bumpers and the grille became dark, the rims special 22 inches, the side sills in the color of the car, and the rear wing more prominent, with a Speed badge to signify its uniqueness.

The interior of the Pentega speed is coated with diamond-shaped Alcantara leather, and there are metallic and luminous speed badges.

Adjustments were made in order to provide a better response on the road, as well as to update the air suspension, and improve the exhaust to sound better, with optional larger and more powerful ceramic brakes.

Bentley Pentasia Speed has a maximum speed of 305 km/h, which means it is 1 km/h faster compared to Blamborghini Urus, with a 2-liter W12 engine with a capacity of 635 hp and 900 nm torque, releasing from 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds, an increase of 26 hp and an improvement of 0.2 seconds by acceleration .

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