Best financial advice from millionaires around the world

In that note, I thought we might look at some of the best financial advice in the world. How do I know it’s the best? Well, it comes directly from those who have a lot of it. If you want to get financial advice from anyone, you may as well be people who have more, right? That’s my opinion, anyway.

You can make as much money as you like:
The best piece of advice from really wealthy is that you can make as much money as you want. You do not have to sit down and look at life thinking that you are doomed to make a certain amount of money for the rest of your life. This is economy and the world where you can do anything you want and make as much money as you want if you simply get up, get moving and make that effort. Think about it that way. Someone is a millionaire somewhere because they think of sticking to the bright little crystal ball to stand next to the grocery store door so children can stick their parents quarters in it. Someone is a millionaire somewhere in this world because they decided we needed a soap that smelled like every pumpkin fall. You can do anything.

Look for solutions, not the problem:
Most people look at their problems and focus on those. Really rich take their problems into account, of course, but they really just look at the solution. Their way of looking at life and their financial resources is more “how can I make this right” instead of “why do bad things happen to me?” And they really make all the difference in the world. Changing your attitude will change your life absolutely.

Ask smart questions and insist on answers:
Do not be afraid to ask yourself and your advisors have tough questions.

Ask yourself: Do I have enough to support my lifestyle? Do I know what will happen to my family if something happens to me? Does my fortune have the effect I want? Am I missing anything?

Ask your advisor: Can you get answers to my questions (see above)? How do they pay you?

When these questions are answered, you will be better informed and gain more confidence in yourself, your counselor, and your approach.

Expect to succeed:
If you go to anything that you believe in failure, you are going to fail. You have to expect success. You may not see it immediately, but you can achieve it. The great news is that everyone fails. I ask Bill Gates how many times he made a plan and created something he thought would change the world’s technology and found that it was not good enough, did not work, or was not productive. I bet you anything that he does not even have the ability to count on that high. The good news is that every time it does not work, learn a very valuable lesson and got the best. Accept failure and roll with it, but never stop expecting success.

own a plan:
This may sound obvious. After all, most experts call a plan if you want any opportunity to achieve your financial goals.

But it is important to understand that “his appointment and forget it” is not a plan.

Adventure families build intelligent, focused, dynamic and useful plans. Wealthy Americans spend an average of 15 hours a week thinking about planning versus their goals compared to the nine hours spent by the broader US population.

If financial success is important, then this time will have spent well.

calm yourself:
You, my friend, are your biggest problem. When you live with fear and with the idea that you can not be a millionaire because you do not have a Harvard degree or because you are not skilled at something, you will live that life forever. Stop thinking about it and start getting over yourself enough to change your life. Let me quote something I hear and tell myself again and again (thanks Mimi Bainerist), “All I ever wanted was on the other side of fear”, that is.

Think like a businessman:
Family adventurous creativity shows initiative in many aspects of their lives. They often break the tradition, accept new approaches, and are subject to measured risks.

Business people know that rules are constantly changing – the same applies when it comes to wealth building. To do a good job, be self-educated, hire the right experience, and get objective-oriented financial advice. Be a financial entrepreneur.

Measure success:
The vision in a statement and then depositing it away does not put you in control of your wealth. And why? What you really need is a clearly structured presentation of all your assets, with an additional context for how to do a percentage to achieve your goals.

When you track progress toward goals, you can identify challenges, make changes, and see success faster. If you measure it – you will get it done.

Nothing really matters:
Want to know something? It does not matter what kind of degree you have, what kind of education you have, where you come from or what you do (unless you want to be a doctor or something like that, then you need to get education). My husband’s best friends and I live without debt, and they make millions and millions of dollars each year running very successful construction work – even through recession and everything that has happened since 2008.

He went to college to become a teacher and specialized in business. He grew up in a mobile home, the second of six children, he did not really much. He had no experience but to work part time to work for the contractor when he thought he could do it better than the boss and started his company. Now he is one of the most successful people in the world – and he is intelligent, he is humble and he does not forget where he came from. It also does not allow where he comes from or degree in education prevents him from doing what he wants with his work. How does this study life?

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