Best tips to deal with acidity of the burning stomach

What is the strangest sense of heartburn, which affects the stomach and is called acidity, and which faces many suddenly without warning, can avoid the feeling of exhaustion and feeling more when eating relatively heavy meals?

It really makes it easier and just by experimenting with those effective tips.

Acidity of the stomach and sleep
One of the most common triggers of stomach acidity is sleep after eating directly, whether after lunch or after dinner. Here is the advice for trying to delay sleep after dinner for up to 4 hours to ensure that no acidity attacks you at night .

the food
While eating fatty meals sometimes acidity of the stomach, it is recommended to divide the three meals to more meals, but less in quantity, less opportunities for exposure to acidification and acidity, and easier digestion of the stomach, which reduces the risk of burning acidity.

Quality food
Drinking low-fat milk reduces the chances of acidity, unlike fatty and hot foods, which help increase secretions in the stomach. Therefore, depending on grilled or boiled foods, it is the best and fastest solution to avoid the sudden feeling of acidity after eating.

bad habits
A bad habit of smoking increases the risk of several chronic diseases. It also increases the possibility of acidity due to its negative effects on gastrointestinal irritation of the body. It is also recommended to avoid the use of caffeine, as it increases the levels of acid secretion of the stomach To develop an unpleasant condition known as acidity.

Easy treatments
Natural herbs such as ginger, chamomile, and cumin often calm the stomach secretion and acidity. The sweat is almost the same. The use of non-sugary chewing gum is good in that case, as well as some fruit that can successfully experience acidity, Apple.

Please note that there are certain medications that cause an increase in acidity symptoms immediately, such as some medications for depression, asthma, and antibiotics, and here it is advisable to consult your doctor before modifying any medications described before.

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