Big mistakes lead to excessive obesity

The Russian Health ministry’s high-school therapist, a correspondent at the Russian Academy of Sciences Oksana Drabkina, spoke about eating habits that often cause excessive obesity.

According to the newspaper “Rossiskaya Gazeta”, the doctor confirmed that in most cases the problems in excess weight starts from childhood. A child with an increase in BMI, in 30-40 years, has a high probability that this develops to hypertension and obesity.

At the same time in adolescence, excess weight increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, adults and children often have unhealthy dietary habits that contribute to weight gain, the specialist said. One is an imbalance in the flow and spending of energy: people eat too much, but they neglect the physical effort. According to the pediatrician of Fedora Katasunov, in order to solve this problem, you should eat as much as you want, not more. In addition, the doctor recommends reducing the number of snacks between the main meals.

Drabkina said that advertisements for food products play a role forcing people to eat even when they do not feel hungry. “Unfortunately, we live in an environment that encourages continuous binge: a refrigerator filled in at home, every step of the city there are cafes, stalls where you can get a quick bite.”

Physicians are advised to “run critical thinking ” and not to trust advertising slogans about the usefulness of fast food and junk foods.

Doctors say: “It is better to protect children from advertisements. They should not be taken to the grocery store — so there will be less temptation for them. “

Another cause of obesity is the daily increase in carbohydrates “empty ” with fiber deficiency, as described in the article. At the same time, regular consumption of juices and sweet soda creates a constant need for the body for sweets, doctors are advised to include in the diet vegetables, herbs and fruits, as well as fish.

“It is not right to give up carbohydrates, we need cereals and bran bread. Bran and other fiber sources (banana seeds, chia, etc.) can be added to salads and takeaway “, according to the Kattasunov.

The other reason for overweight is the lack of “a culture of slow eating, we don’t all get together for dinner or lunch and eat fast, but this is wrong,” Drabkina says.

According to her, we need to use all the opportunities to eat together and eat breakfast is necessary.

Doctors also note the important role of sleeping in maintaining and normalizing weight. “Lack of sleep reduces immunity and harms the hormonal system.”

Advise to provide yourself and your children with an enabling environment for sleeping: Make sure there are no annoying sounds or light at night. In addition, it is important to adhere to a particular system, go to bed and wake up at the same time.

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