Bitcoin made a record of sending 400 million money

Bitcoin is one of the most famous digital currencies that rely on block chain technology that allows users to be exchanged as money transfers similar to traditional remittances, but avoiding all their disadvantages, and today has achieved more than 400 million remittances sent in this currency.

There is an average of 350,000 money transfers per day, approximately 15,000 in each hour, and approximately 4 remittances per second.

All of these transfers are in the peer-to-peer manner without passing through a central bank or any regulatory authority, without days of holidays or downtime.

The latest data indicate that the value of mutual remittances per hour thru Bitcoin exceeds US $424 million, and the average amount of one remittance is more than $28 thousand.

Last March saw an active movement in the remittances more than ever since there were more than 300,000 remittances per day, and this rate increased today to more than 357 thousand remittances per day.

Currently, the cost of sending one remittance is approximately 2.27 dollars.

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