BMW unveils all-new X3 m and X4 m

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BMW unveiled the new generations of its two sports cars, 3x m and X4 m, and for more excitement the company revealed them with a Competition package.

The cars carry two identical facades featuring BMW M cars, black sport air entrances and carbon fibre.

While X3 m comes with a traditional SUV design in the back half, X4 m comes with a distinctive coupe design, and the two cars carry tight lamps and sports exhaust exits.

Indoors, the two cars carry the same console and sports front seats that are available with various options of leather and sports fabrics, and because they are high performance categories, the Transmission Control unit and driving settings come in a different design.

Carbon fiber is available to give the two cars the desired luxurious sporty look.

We move to the engine compartment to find a 6-cylinder engine that produces 473 hp X4 m and X3 m, the engine power rises to 503 hp with optional Competition package, and the two vehicles carry a M steering system, M suspension system, m differential disk system, high performance braking systems measuring 395 mm in front and 370 mm in etc. Wrap.

Still X3 m and X4 m my BMW luxury car after all, the company certainly did not forget to provide them with a luxurious sound system, coming from Harmon Cardon, and also provided them with active driver assistance package and collision warning system and emergency brakes.

Does the new BMW X3 M and X4 m succeed from the Mercedes GLE 63 AMG competition? That’s what we’ll know with the days.

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