Boy sets new world record in solving Rubik’s cube by foot

A Chinese boy managed to score a world record for the fastest time in solving three of the Rubik’s cubes together with his hands and one of his feet.

An information leaflet, distributed by the Guinness World Records, was published Thursday, on the occasion of its annual record-number day.

Kyu Jianyu, a 13-year-old from Shiamine, South China, recorded a minute, 36 seconds and 39 parts per second in the three-cube solution on October 13, October.

The Guinness news release shows that there is no previous figure for such an attempt and therefore Kyu can be considered the first and  the fastest attempt in this matter witnessed by the GNU jury.

And Que is playing with three-dimensional color Rubik cubes since he was six years old. It is also not unusual for the indices to solve.

Among the figures that Q holds is the fastest record recorded in the Guinness Encyclopedia to solve three of the Rubik’s cubes running (five minutes and 6.61 seconds) and the fastest time in solving the Rubik’s Cube from the first to the end (15.84 seconds), in addition to the number completed on October 13, October.

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