Brad Pitt deprives Angelina Jolie of his inheritance

Brad Pitt, a 54-year-old American actor, has left his will for only his six children and former wife Angelina Jolie will not get anything.

Brad Pitt will divides the $ 250 million inheritance equally among his six children and set up a trust fund that can be opened only after his death.

“Brad wants to make sure that all the money he did not give Angelina after the divorce … be well protected,” the source said.

Jolie filed for divorce in September before the Los Angeles Superior Court, citing court disputes that are difficult to resolve, and Angelina accused Brad of abusing his children, a charge he was acquitted in November.

The court obtain joint custody of the children, and asked Jolie the right to full custody of the children with the grant of the rights of of house visit but did not ask for a marital maintenance.

The tow stars had been married in 2014 after a relationship of ten years, and the separation occurred suddenly after being caught on a private jet and reports toldĀ  that a Brad lost his nerves in front of one or more of their six children.

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