Brain storage bank at Harvard

Harvard Bank of Brain Tissue, the only bank in the world that would not want to leave a deposit in it, the bank collecting human brain samples to store it!

The Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center collects brain tissue samples for research and research in the hope of finding future therapies for serious diseases that have not yet been scientifically identified as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and post-traumatic disorders.

the bank stores more than 2,000 samples of the human brain, which are taken from the gray matter, which is necessary in laboratory tests.

As for the manner in which the brain is retained in the bank, it is kept in plastic containers or bags for freezing or reservation in formalin, according to its future use, and often the experience of the treatments on their tissues to determine and measure their response to these drugs.

The transfer of the brain at the center is accurate. The brain is transferred as soon as the donor dies or is released, and is extracted under the supervision of a forensic doctor, to be stored and placed in snow or formalin, until it is transferred to the bank as soon as possible.

In the center, the brain is divided into two parts. The first is frozen and used in DNA analysis. The second part is formaldehyde, and is dedicated to the study of tissues and proteins.

Each brain is accompanied by detailed details of the condition of the owner and the cause of his death, and whether he suffers from certain diseases, especially viral diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS. The Bank cooperates with many medical centers around the world by sending samples, Of nine thousand samples.

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