Camaro eCOPC is a test electric muscle car from Chevrolet

  • 2018-SEMA-Chevrolet-eCOPO-Concept-030-750x500
  • Camaro eCOPC

Chevrolet has unveiled the Camaro eCOPC for acceleration racing, a distinctive and unusual version of Camaro.

The exterior of the Camaro eCOPC does not carry many changes, but it features the preferred front of the Camaro audience instead of the updated interface, and in fact the real changes of the car comes within the engine room where the Camaro eCOPC will replace its engine with an electric motor that produces a high torque of up to 813 Newton-M and 600 hp, this engine lets Camaro eCOPC in a quarter-mile race in just 9 seconds!

One of the features of the Camaro eCOPC is a high-performance battery control system that ensures suitable voltages and voltage, and ensures the maintenance of a suitable operating temperature.

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