Chili blends for hair

There are many natural recipes that may help fight hair loss, including chili mixtures for hair, so what really benefits chili hair? It will be explained in the following article.

Chili blends for hair and its benefits
Here’s a look at the chili mixtures for hair and other important information about this recipe.

Chili mixtures for hair
You can collect the potential benefits of chili hair by applying the following chili blends for hair:

  1. Chili with olive oil
    To apply this recipe, follow these steps:
    Soak a few pods of chili in a cup of olive oil for 10-15 days, while storing the mixture in a dark place away from the sun.
    Drain the oil from the pepper pieces.
    Apply oil to the hair and scalp and leave for an hour before washing as usual.
    This recipe can be repeated 2-3 times a week.
  2. Chili with coconut oil
    To apply this recipe, follow these steps:

Mix the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons ground red pepper, 1/2 cup of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of olive oil.
Store the resulting mixture in an airtight container for at least two full weeks.
Add a cup or an extra half cup of olive oil to the resulting mixture, then start using it on the scalp and hair before bathing regularly.
Benefits of chili for hair: What do studies say?
After we’ve learned about several chili mixtures of hair, these are the potential benefits of some preliminary studies that have looked at the effect of chili on the skin and scalp:

  1. Anti-inflammatory
    Applying chili to the skin may help fight certain types of infections, often due to the containment of chili peppers on capsaicin.

This may help stimulate an inflammatory reaction to the skin, which means the body begins to provide the area with larger amounts of blood and substances important to speed up recovery.

This natural capsule intake may make chili a useful recipe in combating hair loss caused by certain conditions and inflammatory diseases, such as hereditary baldness.

But further studies and research are still needed to confirm this type of chili benefitfor hair.

  1. Stimulating hair growth
    One study has shown that using capsican extracted from chili with isoflavone may help stimulate hair growth.

This is mostly due to the ability of these two potential substances to increase the production of insulin-like growth factor within the hair follicles, a factor that may play an important role in hair growth.

But like the above studies, further research is still needed, and it is too early to adopt these preliminary results to start using chili to treat hair loss.

  1. Improving hair health

Eating chili peppers may also help improve overall hair health as follows:

Eating chili tea may help promote hair growth.
Eating chili peppers can help repair hair damage, because this type of chili is rich in vitamin E, which can help slow cell aging and repair damage to some cells.
What are the damages and caveats of chili peppers?
Despite the many potential benefits of chili peppers, the use of this type of pepper may have some health damage and complications, as follows:

Applying chili to the skin may cause some health complications such as: skin irritation, heartburn, inflammation, itching, runny nose, throat irritation.
Eating chili peppers can cause health problems and complications, such as digestive disorders, urticaria, and rashes.
Possible health complications for people with the following diseases: peptic ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, latex allergy.
Possible health complications for pregnant and lactating women.
So to avoid the damage of chili peppers, be sure to use them in diluted amounts that can be increased over time depending on the degree of your body’s tolerance, and stop using it immediately when signs of irritability and inflammation appear.

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