China grows the moon … germination of the first seed

China achieved another scientific achievement, when Chinese researchers succeeded in germination of the first seed on the moon, having successfully landed for the first time in history on the dark side of it.

Chinese researchers said that a cotton seed carried to the moon aboard the Chinese probe «Zhang Ah-4», became the first to sprout on the moon, according to Xinhua news agency of China.

The Chinese probe «chanh’e4» Conducted the first experiment of a miniature biosphere on the surface of the moon after landing on the far side of it in early January.

The probe was carried «chanh’e4» Seeds of cotton, kale, potatoes and arbidopses, as well as fruit-fly eggs and some yeast, to form a small and simple biosphere, according to a research team led by scientists from Chongqing University in southwest China.

The images sent by the probe showed that the bud of the cotton seed grows well, although not seeing the growth of any other plants.

The functions of the probe (chanh’e4), which landed on the moon on January 3, include low-frequency wireless astronomical observation, terrain and surface scanning, metal installation detection, neutron radiation measurement and neutral atoms, in order to study the environment on the far side of the moon.

China is trying to catch up with Russia and the United States to become a major force in space by 2030. It plans to launch its own manned space station next year.

While China insists that its ambitions are purely peaceful, the US Defense Department accuses it of engaging in activities aimed at preventing other countries from using space-based equipment at the time of a crisis.

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