China unveils fast train equal in speen to air transport

Currently, China is seeking to set up a “magnetic” train that can walk at speeds of more than 600 kilometers per hour, making it the match for the speed of air transport.

According to Sky News, this train will rely on magnetic propulsion, which solves friction problems, and provides greater speed for the train.

The new train is expected to be more comfortable for travelers, as it will move with less noise and also less vibration.

In 2017, China inaugurated the Fusheng train, which connects the cities of Beijing and Shanghai, by 1,300 kilometres and at speeds of 350 kilometres per hour.

The journey between Beijing and Shanghai is three and a half hours long, while on the commercial plane it takes 4 1/2 hours, due to airport procedures, according to the vice president of the engineering Department of the company that handles the project.

Japan conducted a test in 2015, during which it destroyed the record, with the speed of the laboratory train at 603 kilometers per hour.

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