Chinese child XiaoYu, 11 years old and over two meters tall

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An 11-year-old Chinese boy in Lishan City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, received public attention on the Internet because of his 2.06-meter-long height.

Due to his high height, the child, Xiao Yu, always faced the problem of inappropriate size for any of the normal size chairs and chairs in the school, so his parents had to design an office and chair specifically to fit his huge body, according to China News.

The father of the boy, speaking to a Chinese media, said that his child since entering the kindergarten, was subjected to many problems because of his height, where he was always thought that he is older, not allowed to enter, and when he moved to primary school, had to reduce Head to allow him to enter the door of separation.

After the age of eight, Xiaoyu began to feel uneasy about the attention he received from strangers in the street. He also began to be called the “giant” at the age of ten by his classmates, which caused him great grief that led him to lock himself In his room all day refusing to see any stranger.

He said he had taken his child to the local hospital several times for medical examinations. He was concerned that his child was a “giant.” However, the doctor assured him that his child was not suffering from any genetic disorder. He was only “tall.”

“As the teachers and classmates grew accustomed to his son, it improved a lot, he felt embarrassed, and gradually accepted the situation. Even if someone asked him how long he wanted to go, he replied,” I hope I can continue to grow and break Guinness Book of Records “.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world’s tallest teenager is 215.9 centimeters tall and Xiao Yu is expected to be the world’s tallest primary student.

“My 11-year-old grandson has already reached 2.06 meters and, as he continues to grow, we do not know how long he is at the age of 18,” commented grandmother Xiaoyu, confirming the family’s desire to apply for registration. A new Guinness book record on Xiao Yu if he is willing to do so.

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