Climate plays a pivotal role in determining the shape of the nose

Does the heat affect the shape of your nose?

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, using three-dimensional images of hundreds of people from East and South Asia, Western Africa and northern Europe, they found that climate plays a central role in determining the shape of the nose.

According to PLOS Genetics, broad noses are more common in people from high-temperature and high-humidity countries, while noses are narrower with those of cold and dry countries.

The researchers linked the shape of the nose with its functions and the surrounding environment, because the nose’s function is to smell and breathe. It contains hairs that warm and moisturize the air before moving to the respiratory system. A narrower opening helps to increase contact between inhaled air and nasal tissue, Heating, which applies to the cold climate other than warm ones.

The results of this study support the Thomson Foundation, which was developed by anthropologist Arthur Thompson, who pointed out that people who come from dry and cold environments tend to be taller and taller than those who come from hot and humid environments.

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