Coconut oil as a poison to the human body

Coconut oil is only good for cosmetic purposes and is not recommended for food use. Coconut oil is very popular among healthy lifestyle advocates and is a very useful product, but in fact it is harmful to health, said Harvard Health School professor and epidemiologist Karen Mehlis.

According to Business Insider, the expert spoke about the product, which is widely used in the West, describing it as “the worst that can be eaten.”

According to her, coconut oil is 80% consists of saturated fat, twice that of lard and 60% more than the fat of beef. These fats increase the level of “bad cholesterol”, and this leads to the development of cardiovascular disease.

There are other specialists with the same opinion. Last year, the American Heart Association published information that Americans began buying coconut oil heavily under the influence of advertisements, although only 37 percent of nutritionists consider it a healthy diet.

Most experts believe that coconut oil can be consumed, but in small quantities, because it is a product that contains high saturated fat. And that the Declaration should not be blinded, even if celebrities emphasized that coconut oil is of great benefit.

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