company produces protective clothing from electromagnetic radiation.

A company established by the Turkish small and medium enterprises support and Development Department, in partnership with a number of academics, has been able to produce electromagnetic protective clothing.

The company produces “Bowness ” technical Co., Ltd., clothing for children, socks, coats, plus clothing for pregnant women, according to the Anatolian news agency.

The company tested clothing with a capacity of up to 40 “DB “, in laboratories affiliated with the Technological and scientific foundation of Turkey “Toptak “.

The company’s strategy department manager, Mustafa Shali, said the company is producing jointly with academics at the University “Arges “, various types of protective clothing.

“In the past year, the value of our exports to Germany amounted to 500,000 Turkish lira (about 95,000 dollars),” he said.

Shali noted that the company received an award from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology, in 2013, for its production of various protective clothing.

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