Dickinsonia : the oldest animal in natural history

The follow-up of scientific research by non-specialists on shocks revealed by the scientific facts provided by scientists through their research and scientific studies, according to the latest research published in the journal “Science” on 21-9-2018, a team of researchers at the University of Australia,¬† Dickinsonia is the oldest animal in natural history, with fossils reaching more than half a billion years ago.

It is worth mentioning that the primitive animal “Dickinsonia” has caused a state of scientific controversy since its discovery for decades about its nature, whether it is an animal or one of the fungus species, to come this research to resolve the scientific evidence contained in their research published in the most important scientific magazine in the world, Dickinsonia”is the oldest known animal to date, which lived 558 million years ago.

The shape and nature of “Dickinsonia”

Given the anatomical shape of the animal through its fossils, you will find an elliptical length of a few centimeters, and of course the nature of the stage where he lived is a water animal, scientists did not find until today to questions such as how it ate? Although there is no mouth, how was it multiplying?

The place to discover

According to the discovery of the fossils, the fossil was found on the surface of a cliff between 60 and 100 meters that was the bottom of the white sea millions of years ago.

using a helicopter, climbed this rocky slope with ropes to dig large amounts of sandstone, then throw it and drill it back to its intended destination, offering the world a stunning discovery.

more information about Dickinsonia in the video

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