Disney + Service will be launched on 12th November with exclusive shows at a price of $6.99 per month

The Disney Studios Group has finally announced the launch date of its next service to broadcast the visual content of Disney + by specifying 12 November 2019 for launch – that is, with the end of the year, the service will carry 25 original serials produced for the service along with 10 other films will appear with the launch of the service which will reach the price $6.99 Monthly Subscription.

Disney said the service represents a different shift to the company’s work to deliver the content it produces to audiences and to make them accessible anytime and easily, and the occasion will be a great opportunity to collect content from the great entertainment brands owned by the company in one place.

Disney is the world’s largest production studio and over the past year has acquired Fox Studios, offering abundant content across its brands on a continuous basis, it has the right to make Marvel films for superheroes as well as the Star Wars series, and also owns Pixar Studios For 3d animation films, next to the National Geographic group, as well as owning all studios and Disney channels for movies and serials.

Disney said in its announcement that subscribers will have access to a diverse content of the tags you own and will be suitable for all age groups, and this content is easily accessible via phones, tablets and smart TVs.

With this announcement, Disney will look bent with its Disney + service to earn a large number of audiences in a short time, the price you put up is half of what Netflix is asking for, for example, and the diversity it will provide contributes to that and anyone who knows Disney works will be aware of the value of the new service.

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