Does Neymar’s serious injury prevent his follow-up to Cuba America?

The Brazilian football Federation announced Thursday that the star Neymar da Silva will miss the Copa America tournament after being seriously injured in the ankle.

In a statement, the Brazilian federation explained that “Neymar underwent an X-ray examination and was confirmed to have a ruptured ankle ligament.” “Due to the seriousness of the injury, Neymar will not be able to recover in time to participate in the Copa America Cup in Brazil,” he said, according to Reuters.
The Brazilian star was subjected to an ankle injury during the friendly match in front of Qatar, where he left the stadium in the 17th minute and went straight to the dressing room with snow around his right ankle.

The Brazilian television said Neymar was transferred to a hospital to undergo radiation detection and to determine the severity of the injury 9 days before the match in the opening of Cuba America.

The injury comes at a difficult time for the Paris Saint-Germain striker after being stripped of the team’s leadership badge, in addition to being charged with rape this week.

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