Earth map 300 million years ago where continents are bound

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When people look at the map of the world, they often think that the shape of the earth has been fixed since time immemorial, but science offers a different view. It refers to a geological phenomenon that has changed the face of the planet.

The theory of “tectonic plates” that the planet has known a continental drift over hundreds of millions of years, and as a result of this transition distances between some countries diverged as they approached among others.

The painter Massimo Petropon drew a rough map of what the Earth was hundreds of millions of years ago. The artist not only incorporated the countries and continents that were attached to each other, but the current geographical boundaries.

Returning to the potential shape of the Earth 350 million years ago, the United States is emerging as a neighbor of the Northwest countries of the African continent, and the Western European countries seem close to the Maghreb countries.

Similarly, Brazil and Argentina appeared to be aligned to the south-western countries of the African continent, while the Atlantic Ocean disappeared between the continent and the American continent.

Commentators on the picture said that this scientific theory shows the relative nature of the boundaries established by humans among themselves and has often turned into a source of unrest and conflict.

The picture reveals that many countries would have found themselves without a sea front or would have a limited waterfront if they did not get plate tectonics.

Accordingly, this phenomenon has not only affected the form of land but has also turned the balance of natural resources and political equations on the grounds that the geographical proximity of some States has often produced wars and human tragedies.

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