Edward Snowden reveals the Israeli “Trojan horse” that caused the killing of Jamal Khashoggi (video)

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden unveiled new details in the case of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed at his consulate in Istanbul in early October.

According to reports quoted by Israeli media, former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, said that the¬†Israeli company¬† “NSO Group tecnologes”, was accused of involvement in the killing of Khashoggi at Meeting with local intelligence in Tel Aviv

While participating in a video call at a closed-door conference on Wednesday, local intelligence in Tel Aviv, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper quoted Snowden as saying that the killers of Khashoggi had used an electronic program titled “Pegasus” to carry out espionage operations to eavesdrop on communications The Saudi journalist.

“Some of you can hear about the dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who entered the Saudi consulate and was strangled immediately there,” said Snowden, addressing the conference participants.

How was it planned and how did this happen?… The Saudis knew he intended to come to the consulate because he agreed to hold a meeting there… But how did they reveal his plans and intentions? “.

The Saudis, who participated in the killing of Khashoggi, were able to gather necessary information about the journalist by spying on “one of his friends who lives in exile in Canada,” Snowden said.

“The reality is that they listened to someone from the small circle of his friends who contacted them, exploiting software designed by an Israeli company,” Snowden said.

We do not know the series of developments because this company will never comment on this subject, but this is one of the largest novels that have not yet been written. ”

The former NSA employee pointed out that the story is about the company “nso”, and explained that it “is working on the development of electronic penetration mechanisms”, describing it as “Worst of the worst in the field of selling these electronic hacking programs that are currently actively used to violate human rights.”

“This software is not only used to apprehend criminals, prevent terrorist attacks and save people’s lives, but also to earn money,” Snowden said.

Snowden attacked the Israeli electronic high-tech production sector in general, accusing it of failing to assume responsibility for the use of software designed in Israel around the world.

He stressed that Israeli companies are overly justifying their actions by saying that the governments and security agencies that sell their electronic products are trustworthy, and stressed: “This recklessness has become the value of people’s lives.”

Information was received on the use of the program “Pegasus”, developed by the company “Nso”, to carry out the killing of Khashoggi, for the first time in October/October in a report published by the Canadian Research Institute “Citizen Lab”, who said that this electronic tool was installed on the phone of a friend of Khaashggi Dear, residing in Canada.

Snowden’s remarks on the subject come after lawsuits have been opened in Cyprus against the “nso” as well as other Israeli company “Cicres” in the field of electronic software design by several Mexican nationals, including journalists and one Qatari.

They said that electronic hacking tools designed by the two companies were used to spy on them.

Khaashggi, 59, disappeared on 2 October last October after entering his consulate in Istanbul.

After 18 days of silence, Riyadh acknowledged the killing of Khashoggi inside her consulate after she said that he was “quarreling with some of the people inside her” and announced that 18 Saudis had been arrested for interrogation, while she had not disclosed the whereabouts of the body.

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