Egypt grants citizenship to foreigners for $10, 000

The Egyptian Parliament’s Defense and National Security Committee approved a government bill that would allow 10,000 dollars to be paid for Egyptian citizenship.

The bill, according to Major General Kamal Amer, aims to grant citizenship for investment, which is reflected in the achievement of economic development and preserves the state’s capabilities while achieving national security.

Amer added at a press conference after a meeting of the Defense Committee that the bill contained five main articles, first of which it was to delete the category of foreigners with a deposit and to confine itself to the three categories provided for in article 17 of the existing law, namely (foreigners with private residence, foreign persons of ordinary residence, foreign Temporary residence).

Article 2 sets out the conditions for granting nationality and empowers the Prime Minister to grant citizenship to any foreigner who buys a state-owned property or other public legal persons or establishes an investment project in accordance with the provisions of the investment law or deposits a sum of money in foreign currency.

Article III provides for the establishment of a unit in the Council of Ministers, which shall examine applications for naturalization submitted, including representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, investment and international cooperation, and of the security agencies concerned, and shall provide for the application for naturalization at the headquarters of the Unit or on its website after the payment of $10,000 or Its equivalent in Egyptian pounds, the unit will examine the application no later than 3 months from the date of its submission, taking into account national security considerations. If the request of the Prime Minister is approved in principle, the applicant for naturalization shall be granted temporary residence in Egypt for six months to complete the required procedures and data.

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