“Emara” the first Emirati superhero

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She appears in the morning in her normal form, before turning in the evening to a super hero who fights the bad guys and fights crime in the UAE. This is the story of Emara, the first Emirati superhero.

Emara, the first Emirati superhero , is attracting the attention of many viewers around the world, said Fatima Al Muhairi, the character’s maker.

“the new super hero, which I have always wanted to see and now i am older, but it did not exist,” said Fatima al-Muhairi, a spokeswoman for CNN.

“I think the rest of the world needs us to be properly seen by the Arabs, many of these countries do not understand us properly and do not understand our culture,” Fatima al-Muhairi said, adding: “I do not blame them. We are not present enough in their media. “she said.

Fatima Al Muhairi stresses that she aims to create interesting stories that highlight the aspects of Emirati culture and are embodied by vital personalities with Arab and Islamic characteristics.

In order to expand the public base, Al-Mutairi resorted to dubbing “Emara” in English, which was reflected in an increase in the number of her followers from the United States, South America and Spain.

Fatima pointed out that she often receives messages of thanks from Muslim and Arab girls for creating a personality they see themselves.

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