English university degree qualifies for the job of “international spy”

In an exciting academic development, one of Britain’s leading universities has launched a new, unique program, but at the same time responds to the requirements of the technological revolution era, a British newspaper reported on Friday.

The University of Buckingham, UK, announced a new program of university studies in the field of security, intelligence and cyber threats, giving a degree in “international espionage.”

The director of the program, Julian Richards, was quoted as saying by the British Metro newspaper that current programs at universities on international relations were not enough to deal with recent technological developments.

Richards, who has spent 20 years in this field, an expert on Pakistan, said current programs in international relations are largely focused on “the motives of the war on terror” and do not deal with the new tools of terrorism.

“The current programs are increasingly lacking in the complexities of how countries need to fight the terrorist threat,” Richards told the paper.

The program is scheduled to begin in January.

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