Epic Company and its fortenite game are achieving 3 billion dollars in profits in 2018

Close resource to the Epic games company said that it achieved a net profit this year amounting to $3 billion, where the famous game Fortenite played an important role in the total profit according to the Techcrunch site, and it is known that EPIC does not advertise its revenues explicitly but follows a firm and conservative system in this aspect where Data analytics companies use monitoring of players ‘ numbers and game downloads from stores and other information to access data that will help predict profits in these cases.

The Eipic company is not a fortenite game alone and is not the only income of the company but its fame and continuous success made it the main source of profit for the current year several companies predicted earlier in the year to achieve the game $2 billion of profits, and given the fact that the game became available on the platforms games Different from phones to computers, gaming units and various operating systems it can be said that the participation of $2 billion may be less than the real number actually.

In a statistics for Sensor Tower published on December 5, it was clear that the users of the version of the iOS edition spent $1.23 million per day with a total profit of more than $385 million in a period of eight months from users of iOS devices, while another statistic for the Research and Analysis Center Super Data research that the company’s revenues During the last May, it was $318 million copies of the game on all different platforms.

The profits for Epic company are expected to increase next year, analysts predict, given that the company reached a market value of $15 billion during 2018 at the high level offered by the company, especially in its game fortenite and do not forget the role of other company games that are popular by the audience players also The company owns its own games store.

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