Eternal engine works without fuel Succeeds in preliminary tests

The experts at the Russian Institute of “Gokowski ” have conducted a series of ground tests for an electric jet engine, which is used in space devices flying in low Earth orbit.

The Moscow Aviation Institute initiated such tests, which would confirm the ability of the promising air-main engine, which is contained in the upper atmosphere at a height of no more than 250 km, to maintain a space device in Earth orbit during an practically unlimited period.

Experts at the institute said that the period of operation of the engine no longer depended on the amount of fuel in it but on the age of its use.

The experts simulated the work of the engine under the conditions of the different intensity of the ambient air, knowing that the engine momentum arose as a result of air ionization, and found that its use was possible at an altitude of less than 190 km, and more than 150 km above the ground, where the engine did not face significant air dynamic resistance from Hand, and uses an adequate amount of air ionizer contained from the hollow atmosphere on the other hand.

According to the experts, the tests in the Institute’s atmospheric dynamic tube were successful and confirmed the effectiveness of the air ionization process, which is the engine’s driving force.

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