Facebook announces several projects to provide rural areas in several countries with the infrastructure of telecommunication networks

As usual, Facebook is using the world-wide telephone Congress to launch its partnerships and technical development projects, announcing during the conference several partnerships in Peru, Nigeria and South Africa and working to cover rural areas with communication technologies within open-source projects that all networks can Benefit and from them.

Facebook has announced a partnership in the Peruvian State with the Spanish multi-national telecom Company (IDB), as well as the Latin American and CAF Development Bank, within an interesting project to provide Internet service called Internet para Todos (IpT) seeking Facebook through which to bring Internet service from The third and fourth generation of all rural areas of the country within the range of open-source mobile communications. About 100 million people in remote areas of Latin America will be allowed to enjoy mobile express services with third and fourth generation technologies while it is difficult to feed those areas with permanent infrastructure to provide telecommunication network services.

On the other hand, the company has announced a partnership in a similar project in Nigeria to provide a network of 750 km of open-access fibers, thus providing connectivity to about one million people through a partnership with a number of local authorities in the region, in a context similar to what they had done earlier in Uganda, which would be To start as a small business, the company will expand it to include a wider range in future stages.

The company also announced a new partnership with its wireless Express Wi-Fi service in South Africa with the telecom company there is Cell C and in Ghana with Vodafone as well as the Globe company in the Philippines and a number of other companies in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and India, where the purpose of the service Wi-Fi Express configures a scope for joint work with internet service providers and telecom companies to help build their own wireless networks and provide business analysts with special equipment and tools that enable them to provide their neighbors with Internet services.

In addition, the Facebook company announced the launch of its open source platform Magma in direct partnership with Telvoica, which enables the telecommunication companies to deploy their networks more easily.

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