Facebook has put passwords for millions of accounts in a plan text

Technical companies say that the data that is important to their users is continuously encrypted to avoid any damage to them, but maybe this is not with Facebook. The company, which first said yesterday that it had raised 1.5 million e-mail to users on its network, accidentally came today to say that millions of passwords for Instagram accounts were placed in a readable text file.

The company explained this serious error of not having access to those words or even causing harm to them, but the fact that any employee was able to access the words and obtain data from the users and may take advantage of the subject in external matters, without mentioning the possibility of any hacker access the file easily and will not be at the time To decrypt the data to see the passwords.

Facebook published last month that several thousand users were exposed to leaking passwords, but they returned and the news happened to talk about millions this time.

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