Facebook spend more than 20 million for Zuckerberg’s safety

The official data provided by Facebook revealed that the company’s compensation package for its CEO Mark Zuckerberg had risen to 22.6 million dollars in 2018.

These include many undisclosed items, but most of them go to the personal security of Marc Zuckerberg, who maintains his annual salary by only $1.

The year 2018 saw a big leap in Zuckerberg security and protection compensation, with annual compensations of up to $10 million, which meant more than doubling last year.

Zuckerberg also received $2.6 million for use as personal aircraft, which is necessary to increase personal protection and is part of the security and protection costs.

On the other hand, official data revealed that the Chief of Operations Sheryl Sandberg had been charged 23.7 million dollars for 2018, which was less than the previous year, where it received 25.2 million dollars.

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