Facebook will give the user 10 minutes to delete messages from both parties to Cancel the Sent of the messages

Earlier last month, we talked about the Facebook test for the cancellation of Messenger, which allows the user to delete messages from both ends of the conversation, where it seems clear that the social platform will allow the sender to target messages with a time limit of 10 minutes, where the launch notes for IOS Messenger 191.0 under the heading “will come soon” to the possibility of the user deleting messages sent in this version, try to give a period of time for the user to delete images or information sent accidentally to a particular contact.

It is worth mentioning that what Facebook has put under the pressures of providing this property to users is what has been proven by the fact that Facebook has deleted messages sent by its executive director in a case that has angered many of the people and users, especially after the recent crises that suffered and continues to suffer from the company regarding Maintain user information security.

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