Ferrari unveils its future plan and a number of new cars

Ferrari organized a conference in which investors gathered in the company and revealed its strategic plan until 2022. The most important plans unveiled by the company at its conference were to work on the Ferrari variant, and confirmed that 60% of the company’s sales in 2022 would be hybrid cars.

Ferrari also unveiled the name of the prospect Purosangue, the first SUV in its history, stated that it is dedicated to rival Bentley Pentaiga and Lamborghini Uros, and stated that it will reveal many cars from different categories such as sports car category and comes in the forefront of alternative 488, also the GT class, which will be designed by quoting from The company’s cars in the sixties and seventies, and announced a new category of cars is ICONA, which will provide engines with unprecedented numbers and will be very competitive for super cars in the market.

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