Find an unusual old sketch of Christ in 1,500 Year Old Church

Historians from the University of Haifa found a photograph of Jesus on the roof of an old baptism church in southern Israel.

This photograph is one of the oldest images and does not resemble the way in which Christ is usually portrayed.

The researchers described the discovery in the magazine “Antayity”, noting that although the red pigment was discovered on the baptism wall at the archaeological site in the 1920s, the quality of the picture was so poor that it did not draw attention before.

The Church of baptism was part of the Southern Church, which was built in the year 350.

Scientists noted that some lines were accidentally formed an eye by accident.

They then studied the remaining lines and placed an approximate picture on the wall one day for a young man with a long nose and curly hair.

According to the scholars, an ancient artist painted Christ on the day of his baptism.

Other traces of pigment have been found around.

It may be a portrait of other religious figures.

It is noteworthy that in the same area a picture of Christ was found at a greater age

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