Fine up for about 5 billion dollars threatening Facebook

The social network “Facebook ” faces a fine of US authorities ranging from $3 to $5 billion, against the backdrop of the University of Cambridge scandal.

According to a report published on the website “The Straits time”, quoting representatives of “Facebook “, a fine of about 5 billion threatens the company.

Facebook stored passwords for millions of Instagram users unencrypted

Earlier, the company had published that its profits had fallen by about 51 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

The total losses amounted to about 2.43 billion dollars and the net profit fell to $3.3 billion.

These losses coincided with the expectations of US analysts surveyed, who asserted that the cause of the losses was directly linked to the Cambridge scandal, which illegally used 87 million people’s data in campaigning.

“Facebook ” has announced that more than 87 million people have been hacked and mistakenly transferred to the company.

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